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Right now, the world is seeing a generation getting older like it’s never seen before. But we’ve always been there…at least we think we have.

But who are we?

Statistics and theories are aplenty online. Some of it’s true, some of it’s not. From the point of view of a statistician, we are all born between 1946 and 1964. Myself…I’m smack dab in the middle being born in 1955. It was the perfect year to be born!

I grew up in a family that had a sense of humor. Guess you had to. It was an amazing time. Some of what I remember:

  • I loved Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – yes, I was a wannbe Musketeer and Annette was my hero.
  • I, like many others screamed in vain when the Fab 4 played at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Now…we were not inside…my father humored us all by driving by the arena and let us scream outside the windows like the thousands of other girls who could not get in
  • I wore dresses because that was proper. Mom didn’t think so though when I climbed the tree or beat up Edward when he called me names.
  • I was never the same after Motown hit the scene despite being in San Francisco where the Beach Boys ruled Ocean Avenue.
  • Golden Gate Park, beads and this weird group of people called hippies started to appear. Height started to change.
  • Black Panthers, Civil Rights, the Kennedy assignations
  • Space travel
  • The first computers
  • Lost in Space, Lassie, Fathers Knows Best, The Patty Duke Show and Gidget
  • Humongous dill pickles for a nickel.
  • Being safe to travel throughout the city on the Muni and cable car as a child
  • Mini skirts, twiggy and hot pants
  • The California Slide, the bump and the chicken
  • Ecology, Marvin Gaye
  • Play dodge ball, jacks, and cats cradle

You get the idea…the list goes on and on. What are you memories?

Boomer Jokes is the place to contribute your jokes and memories. It’s a place to laugh at ourselves, let others laugh at us, to remember and honor those that made our lives what they were.

Do you wish to contribute? Send us your contribution, and if we use it, you’ll get full credit with a link back to you. So what should you send it and what won’t we accept:

We accept: jokes (no R-rated or X-rated), stories, and memories that pertain or would be of interest to Baby Boomers.

We do not accept anything that promotes hatred, violence or intolerance against anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is an equal opportunity blog.

All final editorial decisions are mine.
Be prepared to laugh, remember and relive.

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