New Motocycle

Bought me a new motorcycle

Loaded with everything

Getting older has its drawbacks, but I guess there aren’t too many good alternatives to getting older. Whenever you see a gathering of seniors it is an even bet they are talking about everything that is wrong with them.

You know, the usual, menopause, prostrate, incontinence, bowel, leg aches,eyesight, etc, etc. Well, I am a senior and I absolutely refuse to discuss these issues with everyone else. If I have a problem, I find a solution. It is not always the solution I like but I handle it the best way I know and I don’t discuss it with every person I see on the street that is past 50. No sir!

With this in mind, I bought myself a new scooter. I wanted something that was easy on gas and could zip me to the store and about town.

This seems to meet my every need.

Bommer Jokes Motorcycle

Contributed by Ken Leatherman,

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